C/10 Club of California

Video Gallery

The C/10 Club is always on the go and, for those who can't join us, we document our adventures. Below are videos from some of our club cruises; check them out and enjoy the ride.

In Addition

We also like to share videos from those who have contributed to our success. We invite you to watch those as well.

  • 2012 C/10 Club Cruise Preview

    2012 Club Cruise

  • 2014 C/10 Club Cruise Preview

    2014 Club Cruise Preview

  • 2012 C/10 Club Cruise

    2012 Club Cruise

  • 1968 CST Shortbed Fleetside

    1968 CST Shortbed

  • CPP Fast Cars & Trucks

    CPP: Fast Cars &Trucks

  • CPP: Something Special

    CPP: Something Special

  • CPP Moved

    CPP: We've Moved

  • CPP Machine Shop Move

    Machine Shop Move